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NexStorm Display

Map Legend

Nexstorm can identify the direction and type of lightning, and to some extent, the distance. Cloud to Ground is obviously much more dangerous than intracloud. Both show how much energy is in a storm cell. Take the distance information from this display with "a grain of salt" and consult Wasp2 below or The Strikestar network for more accurate ranging.

+CG Positive cloud to ground strike | -CG Negative cloud to ground strike
+IG Positive intracloud strike | -IG Negative intracloud strike

TRAC key  
Storm ID Key:
Dashed CircleStrike Rate/MinClassification
H-1747 is a computer assigned identifier.
- or + indicates dominating strike polarity.
5 indicates last recorded strike rate.
^ - v indicates if storm is increasing, steady, or decreasing.

Wasp2  Display

Wasp 2 is Another Product Supplied by Astrogenic Who Made the NexStorm Software Seen Above. The Lightning Data Shown Here is a Product of Combining Data From This Station With That From Many Others To Provide a More Accurate View. Triangulation of Data from Different Sensors Makes it Possible to get More Accurate Ranging. It Also Adds Nexrad Radar Data So You Can See The Rest of The Storm.